Ways to Give

Our mission is to help families and communities grow and thrive through our food-distribution efforts. It is very difficult for parents to develop a livelihood while begging or scrounging for food. In turn, this negatively affects their community’s sustainability. Many poverty-stricken communities lack healthy food sources. Regular food sources are available, but most families in poverty cannot afford to purchase it. Pre-packed nutritional meals feed kids so the parents now have time to learn a new trade and work to create food security.

Even one person can make a difference in the fight to end childhood hunger. It all starts when you join the Feed A Kid mission and learn how to get involved. Giving can be as simple as using your voice to raise awareness of the hunger issues plaguing the world.

Raise Awareness

  • Speaking with family and friends is a wonderful way to raise awareness and encourage people to get involved.
  • Speak at a local club, church, or any other place you regularly meet with others and encourage them to donate.
  • Utilizing your social media can help immensely. Use your social media pages to invite people to visit the Feed A Kid website for more information.

Food assistance is vital to helping individuals, families, and communities transition out of poverty and hunger and into self-sufficiency. Each of the MannaPack meals given can feed a child for one day, and the cost is only two cents. Take the next step in helping a child grow by providing the nutrition and hope they need.

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