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Barangay 105 Happy Land revisited

My alarm goes off at 5:00am so Jerry and I can leave by 6am. We are going to visit Fr. Matthieu near Tondo. Do you remember when the Pope came to the Philippines in 2015?  Pope Francis did not meet with the government or religious leaders. He came to see the children at Fr. Matthieu’s orphanages.

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Living On the Edge of Hell

We will be leaving Maasin today, driving back to Tacloben and then flying to Manila. This morning we will revisit the dumpsite. The people were embarrassed and afraid yesterday and would not come out of the shanties. 

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The Hospital

We cannot stay at the dump very long as Pascal wants us to see another feeding site that he calls his soup kitchen. It is held in a gymnasium. A gym in the Philippines is not what you think of in America. It is basically a roof over a cement surface with a basketball hoop on both ends. 

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Indigent (extreme poor)

We are on our way to Tacloban (dah’ klo ben) on the island of Leyte, Philippines. You may remember the typhoon that came through here in 2013.

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Why did the duck cross the road? Because the wind balut it across. Tonight we went to dinner with Boy Valenci the vice-president of Risen Savior Missions (RSM)-Philippines. He and his wife Virgie have been working with Jerry from the very beginning.

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20,000 Candles

We left the Medical Mission in Santa Cruz this morning and traveled 30 minutes to a feeding site in San Pablo. Fr. Rudy the assistant Social action director is in charge of the feeding programs.

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My Foot Hurts!

Today we are at the RSM’s medical mission in Santa Cruz, Laguna Philippines. It’s about 2 hours South of Manila. If you look on a map, there is a three-fingered lake on the south side of Manila called Laguna. Santa Cruz is on the Southeast side of the 3rd finger. The weather is hot, sunny and pleasant. 

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Comfort and the Killer Squad Elite

We departed Minneapolis St. Paul airport this morning February 9th at 11:34AM. The trip meter says that it will take 12 hours to get to Tokyo, Japan. There will be a three hour layover and then four to five more hours to get to Manila, Philippines. I always feel a little bit jipped on time when traveling West to get to the East.   It will be the evening of the next day by the time we get to our destination. 

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Today is Sunday.   We headed out to another feeding site somewhere in the Manilla suburbs.  I wasn’t expecting too much because I had already been to two dumps and was floored by the level of poverty and the living conditions both times.  I didn’t think it could get any worse.  I would be in for another surprise. 

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At the first feeding site today the children are three to four years old. It is right next to a dump in Quezon.  This is the largest dump in Manila and it is secured with armed guards to keep prying eyes out.  Powerful people do not want outsiders broadcasting this little secret.  It’s not good for tourism.

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