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The most impactful reason children remain hungry around the world is due to poverty. When a family can’t afford to buy food, the children cannot eat. Feed a Kid does not only want to just treat poverty, but we want to provide ways to escape it.

Two partners of Feed a Kid are Feed My Starving Children and Risen Savior Missions.

Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) produces the vitamin enriched food called MannaPack Rice. Perhaps you have volunteered to pack food for them. FMSC, however, does not ship food to the starving or malnourished. It’s up to non-profit missionary organizations to do that.

Our Shipping Partner Risen Savior Missions (RSM) has agreements in place to get the best possible price to ship container sized loads of MannaPack Rice. RSM also gets the containers cleared through customs in the least amount of time.

Feed A Kid raises funds to feed starving and malnourished kids. The food is distributed through a network of 10,000 volunteers who cook for and feed the children in the Philippines—one of the most poverty-stricken countries in the world. We also ship to missions in Africa and provide financial support to local groups. We also provide financial support to the missionaries working with the malnourished and starving and provide infrastructure for livelihood programs.

Malnutrition and Child Development

Our goal is to tackle the insidious nature of malnutrition and starvation at its roots. The first 2,000 days of a child’s life are the most critical. Starting in the mother’s womb to about age five are the most critical years of development. In its mother’s womb, a child can already experience the effects of malnutrition. A fetus’s brain does not develop properly if it is undernourished. The result is severe birth defects and mental underdevelopment. Feed A Kid not only helps to feed children, but we also help feed the mothers who carry those children to term.

By the time a child turns two, it is almost impossible to reverse the effects of malnutrition. If a child is malnourished, the air pocket that is in the top of a child’s head will not properly fill with brain matter. The solution: feed a kid nutritious meals early in life because their futures relies on it. This critical development needs to happen before a child ever starts school.


We have seen entire villages begin to grow their economies as a result of our feeding programs. But it does not happen overnight. It takes about five years to see the change happen. First, we feed the kids and pregnant mothers and stop the starvation. Now a great weight of depression has been lifted from the parents and the entire village. The Word of God is shared. Personal hygiene and sanitation is taught. The people are educated in new ways to make a living that can be added to their own. Since our partner feeding programs are on many different islands and villages, we’ve been exposed to many different ways of making an income. So we teach the people livelihood skills learned from around the country. For example basket weaving, making soap and shampoo, massage oils, clothing, floor mats, jewelry making, fishing, ginger production, coconut co-ops, soybean production and growing vegetables.

It takes time to heal the root causes of poverty. However, when starvation is no longer a glaring and insurmountable issue for a family, the parents are motivated to try and improve their lives. They receive the gift of hope. They learn new skills and move from extreme poverty to just being poor.

Giving Back

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