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The Philippines is a beautiful tropical paradise made up of more than 7,200 islands. About 2,000 of the islands are inhabited by a beautiful people and a beautiful culture. It is the only Christian country in Asia. Twenty-one million people live in greater Manila. Eight million children are considered to be starving and malnourished. Children that are classified as wasted. Meaning that their life is considered by some, as not worth saving.

We have many feeding sites in the city of Manila. We also have feeding sites in the mountainous areas where some children are barely surviving on one banana a day. We have feeding sites in the slums, in garbage dumps, wherever parents and church and sometimes government can come together with a desire to heal starvation and malnutrition. We also send food to poverty- and drought-stricken Zimbabwe Africa. It is not easy saving a generation of children, and it requires many efforts. We help by raising money and awareness in America to make this process of transformation possible.

At Feed a Kid, our goal is to send more food so we can heal entire nations. When we stop the starvation and provide spirituality and livelihood skills economies sprout up and develop because they now have hope. Founder Terry Derosier has traveled to see first-hand, how the meals are delivered and how the feeding sites are set up in poverty-stricken areas all around the Philippine Islands. Feed A Kid’s goal is to feed the kids, educate the parents, and raise awareness of the extreme poverty in the Philippines and Africa. After weeks of touring and filming in the Philippines over two years, Terry has seen the incredible change in communities where the feeding programs are started.

The people are very industrious and hardworking. Once the starvation is stopped we see entire economies develop. When children are no longer hungry, their parents do not have to worry about feeding their children, and can instead focus on building new livelihood skills. We have seen mothers and fathers take up a trade or start a business, which in turn helps build their community’s economy. In some villages, we have been able to stop the feeding program after five years because they no longer need our help. A model of nutritious food, healthy lifestyle education, spirituality and livelihood skills has proven to be successful in transforming entire villages and entire islands.

Won’t you help us? With it only costing two cents to feed a child, it is a small investment to save a child’s life.

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