Our Mission

Our mission is to save children from the dreadful effects of malnourishment and starvation around the world. We see a world in the future where all children have access to healthy food, where their minds and bodies can develop normally with regular, daily meals. We see a world where parents have a sustainable income to be able to care for their families and have proper sanitation and water—a world where children have an opportunity to experience God’s love through the kindness of an unknown friend.

Our belief is that every child deserves a chance to live. We want to give them an opportunity to grow and thrive. We do that by providing a healthy start in life through vitamin enriched meals. We try to give these children an opportunity to have a future. They experience God’s love and generosity when they eat food donated by their friends in America.

We promise to make each and every contribution matter. 100 percent of all proceeds go straight to helping the children. When you give to Feed a Kid, you’re helping save lives.

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