Meet Terry

Several years ago, I had a near-death experience. I fell ten feet from a loft and landed right on my head. My back was broken in two places, I had a traumatic brain injury and I also had bleeding on the brain. I was lucky to be alive. What blossomed from the blood on the ground was a renewed passion for life. I asked myself “What is my true destiny?”

During the early months of my recovery I had dreams and visions while sitting in my chair in front of the fireplace. I would pray, “Lord, what do you want me to do now? You’ve got my attention!”

I would see images and hear sounds. It was like I was being played a movie of my life. I would travel on mental journeys through my past life. I would see myself singing and playing the guitar. I would see images of when I was a youth and worked as a videographer. I visited my old photography darkroom in high school. Mentally, I journeyed back to the wilderness of the Alaskan bush and the urban setting of Boston. I thought about how I had wanted to be an entrepreneur ever since I was a kid and how I started Window World. I also experienced spiritual visions of Jesus.

After my accident, Mary, my wife, took over as the CEO and owner for Window World Twin Cities. Though I still enjoy voicing the radio and TV commercials for Window World.

When you have a brush with death, they say it changes you. I believe it can change you, but you can fall right back into your old routine again if you don’t make conscious decisions. I decided that I was going to spend the rest of my life doing what I love to do. What I love to do is: make music, make movies, tell stories, love God and help people. I had the impression that my whole life had prepared me for exactly where I was right at this moment, now that I had a second chance at life.

During that recovery time, I met Jerry Krosnowski, the founder of Risen Savior Missions. He came to speak to our prayer group. I had always thought that world hunger was being taken care of all the charities around the world. I found out that the big charities only provide disaster relief and that there were millions of starving children in the Philippines and Africa. Then he asked how much I thought it cost to feed a child one meal. I thought probably about a dollar. Because that’s what I had heard on TV. Maybe 75 cents if you’re lucky. When he responded that it only cost two cents to feed a child. I felt a sword pierce my heart. Only two cents? Wow, how could that be! I thought about how many times I had wasted money or walked by two copper pennies lying on the ground? How much money had I wasted just living this great American life? I felt lucky and blessed to live in such a prosperous country. I had to help.

I have since been to the Philippines two times for a total of six weeks. I’ll be going again in a few months to see the starving children and make films about their great need. It seems like we oftentimes give to charitable organizations and don’t really know where the money goes. With Feed A Kid you have my personal guarantee that the money you donate will be used to help feed kids and not some large organization that just feeds itself. I donate all my time, equipment and travel expenses, so your donation goes to help feed kids and developing livelihood projects for their parents. Please give to Feed A Kid. Your loving donation will save a child’s life.

Meet Terry

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